Drivers worry tree might fall on them in Garner

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The leaning tree is along Benson Road.

A large pine tree leaning over Benson Road near Lakeside Drive in Garner has some drivers concerned. They say the tree looks like it could topple over at any moment.

NCDOT said 10,000 vehicles pass that stretch of road daily.

The tree sits at the home Mitchell Sutton rents. He said he's worried the tree could fall over, onto the road, and hit the power poles across the street.

"It's real dangerous over this road," said Sutton, who said he has been renting the home for a few months and noticed it shortly after he moved in. "It might fall on somebody's car when it comes through. I'm hoping that it doesn't."

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The tree is leaning in the direction of William Foster's home.

"It could tumble any time," Foster said, adding, "Falling across the road, I was concerned about that too."

Foster and Sutton say they were especially worried during the recent snow storm.

"I was looking at it, hoping that it wasn't going down," Sutton said. "Good thing it's still in the yard."

Sutton said he told his landlord about the tree, who then reported it.

The tree is now marked and tagged with a red ribbon.

NCDOT spokesman Steve Abbott said in an email that a contractor will take it down within a few days.

Abbot said the time frame to take the tree down will also depend in part on the contractor coordinating things with Duke Energy, as it will have to cut power so the branches that have started to grow through the lines can be taken down.

News the tree is coming down brought relief to those who drive on the street, especially Foster and Sutton.

"It's a good thing," Foster said.

"I hope they do it tomorrow, cut it tomorrow," Sutton said.

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