Durham pressured to pass anti-discrimination ordinance

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The group wants an ordinance similar to Charlotte's

A grassroots group is putting pressure on the Durham City Council to pass an anti-discrimination ordinance.

Open for All NC is urging local leaders to "enact immediately an ordinance that protects us from the discriminations outlined in HB2."

Council members have received more than a 100 emails since Monday.

"I think we're living in different times when cities do have to step up and assert their identity and their power," said organizer Meredith McMonigle.

Council member Don Moffitt understands why residents are sending out the plea.

"They're frustrated and frankly, they're afraid," he said while arguing the council really can't bring change.

"We can enact ordinances all day long, but if they don't conform to state law and federal law then they have no force. We can't enforce them and we can't defend them in court," he said.

Durham was among the first to condemn HB2 when it was signed into law this past April.

The city council continues to call for a repeal.

Moffitt says members of Open for All NC should channeling their energy and passion in a different direction.

"These are bigger issues than we can solve here in Durham and that's why I'm calling on everyone who cares about these issues to become involved statewide," he said.

"We've heard different options about whether or not they can pass an ordinance," challenges McMonigle. "I don't think that we should just assume that we can't do that."

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