Raleigh mom warns of 'stalled-car' driver wielding bat

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A Wake County mom warns of stalled-car threat involving a man with a baseball bat.

There's a new crime alert in the capital city that a Raleigh mom wants you to know about.

She says a man pretending his car was stalled came after her and her daughter with a baseball bat.

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The woman, who doesn't want to be identified says she pulled out of the coffee shop at the back of the Olde Raleigh Shopping Center and was headed to the stop sign at Duraleigh road.

That when she realized a car was stopped short of the intersection - apparently stalled. As she waited to go around something bizarre happened.

"A young man got out of the car and then he went to his back seat and that's when we saw him pull out a baseball bat," she said.

At first she and her teenage daughter in the passenger seat thought the man was after someone at the coffee shop.

But then he turned and came to her window.

"He tapped with the bat like that," she said, "and I said no."


Sure he was going to smash her window, she leaned over toward her daughter.

But she says the man just stood there. That's when she saw her chance.

"I put my car in reverse, onto Duraleigh," she said.

After posting about the incident on a neighborhood website, she was urged by neighbors to report the incident to Raleigh Police who are now investigating.

Though she was so flustered she didn't get a license plate number, the woman gave police a description of the suspect.

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