Students rally for HB2 repeal

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Students from 3 Triangle schools took part.

Students from Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, and NC State are pushing aside their rivalries and rallying for a repeal of House Bill 2.

Students from the Triangle schools converged on Raleigh Tuesday to explain how the law is effecting their lives.

"I live in stress and fear every day," said transgender Duke student Liz Hatfield.

Carolina law school student Dylan Farrow said the controversial law could force him to move out-of-state after graduation day.

"It's going to be problematic," said Farrow. "People like myself, we are not going to be able to raise families here."

The students are uniting as North Carolina stands to lose five years' worth of NCAA championship games. The association has said it will not award any tournaments if HB2 stays on the books.

Wake County has 57 bids out and is estimated to lose $30 million if they games are moved.

The bids will be awarded by April.

HB2 was signed into law almost a year ago.

Several repeal bills have been up for consideration, but none have moved very far in the legislature.

Republicans have been accused of sabotaging repeal efforts, but House Speaker Tim Moore recently tweeted that Democratic Governor Roy Cooper has undermined negotiation efforts.

"They're [Republicans] are not interesting in compromise. They're interested in continually moving the goal posts on the conversation towards deeper and deeper discrimination that lasts longer and longer for the state. That's incredibly clear for everybody," said Equality NC Executive Director Chris Sgro.

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