200 gather in Durham for peace after Missouri shooting

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In more than 50 cities in at least 30 states, groups formed for a moment of silence against the violence in Ferguson.

The violence in Ferguson, Missouri after an unarmed teen was shot in a struggle with police is sparking a movement across the nation. In more than 50 cities in at least 30 states Thursday, groups formed for a moment of silence against the violence.

In Durham alone, more than 200 people from all ages, races and backgrounds stood on the steps of the old courthouse.

Tony Perucci was in that crowd with his wife and seven-week-old baby.

"This is our little baby's second protest," said Perucci.

They're standing up against violence he hopes his son never has to see.

"The combination of racism, police brutality is getting outrageous," said Perucci.

Standing just a few people over was John Kornegay. He says he's tired of being angry in silence.

"I could have easily been Michael Brown and countless others," said Kornegay. "It's one thing to sit back and be mad about it behind a computer screen. It's another thing to actually join a movement."

Organizers of the movement in Durham are taking the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson and comparing it to Florida's Trayvon Martin. They're also comparing it to the violent protests earlier this year against Durham police after 17-year-old Jesus Huerta died in police custody. Official reports later showed he shot himself.

It's the loss of youth as a whole that the group in Durham and hundreds of others just like it across the nation say they hope to end by standing together in peace.

Organizers also urged the people in the Durham crowd to pack city hall next Thursday at 1 p.m. They say that's when the city manager will address alleged racial bias within the Durham Police Department found by the Human Relations Commission.

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