Canine flu, signs to watch out for

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One confirmed case of canine flu has been been reported in Wake County. (WTVD)

The canine flu has claimed the life of one Raleigh dog; however, veterinarians said the threat of the disease is not present in the area, nonetheless as more cases are reported across the country they are warning to stay vigilant.

There is no canine flu at the Wake County Animal Center which is something chief veterinarian, Sandra Strong is very proud of as an authority on the subject.

Dozens of cases have been confirmed in Flordia and Georgia, but has it made its way into the dog population of Wake County?

"That dog (that died) was a high-risk animal from being in Florida and at a dog show, and so right now we're not seeing a case of spreading in the community, so we're on alert."

Strong said it's social gathering spots for dogs that pet owners may want to be aware of.

"Dog flu is... I like to call it a disease of the rich and famous dogs," said Strong. "Groomers, boarding facilities, and even more recently, we need to think about things like brewpubs. You can take dogs to yoga classes now."

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Even though canine flu isn't in Wake County, do residents know what to look for?

"The first sign might even be not wanting to eat, not feeling very well, lethargic, and then definitely respiratory signs, sneezing, coughing, nasal discharge," Strong said.

There are two strains of canine flu, one of which Strong said is newer and highly contagious; however, she said there is a vaccine that can protect pets from both strains.

If you suspect your pooch may have the flu, she says the most important thing you can do to keep it from spreading to other pups is to isolate your dog and call your veterinarian instead of showing up in person.

For more information on the signs and symptoms of canine influenza, visit the North Carolina Department of Agriculture's website.

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