Day 3 of no water for some Raleigh residents

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A backflow preventer had to be replaced.

As the majority of residents in a Raleigh apartment complex saw their water service return Wednesday morning, others are nearing the end of a three-day streak without a drop.

Many people living at Governors Point Apartments are demanding compensation for the inconvenience since their water was shut off Monday morning.

The complex is complying with a city-mandated upgrade to its two backflow devices which failed tests in February. The equipment prevents contamination in the case of a disruption along the water line, such as a water main break.

Progressive Service Company, the hired contractor, began installation last Friday. When work resumed Monday, property management had notified residents their water would return that evening, but for about a quarter of tenants, they still didn't have running water by Wednesday evening.

"All my plans-- washing, can't clean my dishes, can't cook the way I typically cook," said Trevor Sims. "You can't live in a modern time without running water in your home."

Brian Carden, manager with Progressive Service Company told ABC11 his crew got one of the backflow devices up and running Wednesday, but where they'd installed the other device, they've run into persistent problems with old piping.

"We've actually had three different blowouts on this one pipe," said Carden. "More digging involved, more cutting out of the pipe, water being turned off of course, again, unfortunately. Everything we have to do we have to do with the water off. "

Sims said he understands the need for the repairs, but says property management has done a poor job handling the issue.

On Wednesday morning, staff dropped off cases of bottled water outside apartment buildings.

"I appreciate the thought," said Sims. "However, that's not gonna solve the problem. Like, I don't have running water in my house."

Then, Tuesday evening, before residents had their water return, property management emailed a boil water advisory to which some responded by posting notices of their own on the leasing office door; one read, "Thank you for the reminder to boil the water I still do not have."

Many residents are demanding the complex compensate them for the inconvenience.

Northland Investment Corporation, the property management company, issued the following statement to ABC11 early Wednesday afternoon:

"We deeply regret that some of our residents have been without water due to circumstances beyond our control during our recent city mandated plumbing upgrade. Currently, water service has been restored to three-quarters of our apartments. We are working closely with our contractor and expect that the issue will be resolved this afternoon for all residents. We have been delivering bottled water to affected residents, as well as keeping them apprised of the situation. Our residents have our sincere apologies and we will continue to work closely with them until the situation has been resolved."

Staff added the boil water advisory for tenants who do have running water will stay in place until test samples show the water is safe to drink. The company will notify residents when that testing is completed and the water is deemed safe.

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