How to find lost pets after Fourth of July; one joyful reunion

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It was a happy reunion for one family after their scared pup ran off during The 'Works.

The Fourth of July celebrations throughout the state may have left dog owners searching for their pets as some may have fled or were frightened by fireworks nearby. We spoke to several animal shelters about what steps owners should take if their pet was lost from the perspective of different counties.

Wake County:

Wake county suggests reporting a lost animal report on the Triangle Lost Pets website. It also recommends dog owners to go out in their communities immediately by calling their pet's names and asking neighbors to look out for their pets. More resources and instructions for owners as well as steps on how to reclaim their pet if it is at an animal shelter can be found at

Durham County:

The Animal Protection Society of Durham (APS) says that in order to look for a lost pet, one must come in person to the Durham County shelter. If the pet is found at the shelter, owners must provide proof of ownership in order to reclaim him/her. More information on steps to do and to write a report to the APS can be found at

Orange County:

The Orange County Animal Shelter updates its website every hour with found pets. They also tweet out strays (@OCNCLostPets) and suggest looking at the "Lost and Found Pets of Triangle" Facebook page.

Cumberland County:

The Cumberland County Animal Control tells dog owners to go to for lost/found pet searches. It also suggests them to search their neighborhood, call the Cumberland County Animal Shelter and to check local shelters in the area. More information can be found at

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