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Animal Control searching for pit bulls who jumped fenced, mauled woman's dog

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A Fayetteville dog is recovering after it was attacked by three pit bulls. (WTVD)

A Fayetteville dog owner is outraged after she claims her dog was nearly mauled to death by three pit bulls who jumped her fence.

Carmen DelToro said the attack happened as she was getting ready to pick up her daughter from school.

She said she let her dog, Chase, out for a quick bathroom break but when she came back outside to check on him, he was in the jaws of three large pit bulls.

"One had him by the neck; One had him by one arm, one paw, tearing him apart," said DelToro.

Deltoro said she frantically rushed outside to help her dog, putting her own life in danger.

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"I don't care if those dogs would've attacked me," she said. "I just didn't want my dogs torn apart. He didn't deserve to be torn apart."

The dog's owners stepped in to help free her dog from their grip but immediately took off after the attack and haven't been home since, DelToro said,

Four days later, Chase is on the mend at Riverbark Animal Hospital.

Doctors said he should be ok but his owner is demanding justice as she fears the next victims may not be as fortunate as her dog.

"If those animals aren't going to be picked up, they're going to hurt someone," she said. "It might not be my dog. It might by kids, my grandkids, my next door neighbors, and something needs to be done."

Cumberland County Animal Control tells ABC11 they had several complaints about those dogs in the neighborhood.

They are looking for the animals and their owners. Once found, they will declare the animals dangerous and their owners will be charged.

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