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Firefighters battling woods fire in Cumberland County

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The fire continues to burn, though it is now contained.

The North Carolina Forestry Service is battling a large woods fire in Northern Cumberland County. According to firefighters, the blaze began on Tuesday when a nearby farmer tried to do his own controlled burn. Rangers say the burn go out of control and burned more than 200 acres along Elliot Farm Rd.

Dwight Hall says the flames were at least seven feet high on Tuesday. Though the fire has died down, he said he's still worried the embers could spread and destroy his home

"The thing that bothers me is as you can see the wind is kicking up now. Those embers and my yard are covered in pine straw. Pine straw is like gas. When fire hits it it just erupts everywhere. So I have to be pretty vigilant out here watching the fire," said Hall.

The Forestry Service says the fire is under control but the dry conditions are keeping the underbrush ablaze. The farmer that started the controlled burn has been charged.

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