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Get a load of this - Apex boys find rifle in woods

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Two boys made a startling discovery while out looking for baseballs in Apex.

Roman Baranello, 11, and his 12-year-old friend Buzz White will always have quite a story to tell.

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The two were playing near Apex's Middle Creek baseball field when they decided to go beyond the outfield fence in search of some home-run baseballs.

Instead, they found a loaded Ruger rifle with a scope attached. The rifle was rusted, though, and no longer in working condition.

"We started examining it," Buzz said. "And we realized by the rust on it, that it was really old."

The boys told ABC11 they realized the rifle was real because of the bullets lodged in the weapon and the trigger was pulled all the way back.

The quick-thinking pair called Roman's dad to report their find.

"(My dad) said try not to touch it and he'll be right there," Roman explained. "And he came out to the field and officially determined it was a real gun."

Buzz and Roman both agree the situation could have turned deadly if they mishandled the weapon. Roman going even as far as to speculate how the situation could have turned out had they not called his father.

"It would have looked very ridiculous walking on the side of West Lake Road," he gestured, "with a bunch of cars passing by; holding a rifle in your hands."

Roman's father contacted a friend in law enforcement who suggested he reach out to the police department. After some confusion about the rifle's jurisdiction, Cary Police sent Officer Schneider to respond.

Schneider posed for a picture with the two boys - the excitement of a "cool" find could be seen through their bright, white smiles.

"I think the kids did a great job. They obviously realized they thought it was a weapon," said Randall Rhyne, a captain for criminal investigations with Cary PD.

Rhyne reminds parents, "When their kids are out playing ... if they do find something suspicious, to get an adult involved and get us involved and get the authorities involved."

When asked if the boys would make great investigators after finding a weapon and taking the proper precautions in reporting it, Rhyne quipped: "We are always looking for great candidates."

The one thing Roman and Buzz did not find that day? Baseballs.

"It was the only thing that happened that day," Buzz said. "We'll remember this."

There's only one other item the boys want to find that they think is cooler than a rifle or a baseball:

"A treasure chest," Roman said as both shared a laugh.

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