Sneak peak of new campus housing Apex High School students

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Sneak peak of new campus housing Apex High students (WTVD)

Apex High School students have a new home while their campus on Laura Duncan Road is being renovated.

The 2,100 students have moved into the new 88-acre campus on Roberts Road in Cary.

"Words to describe it is just... wow," said Apex High School senior Grace Recavarren. "It kind of looks like it's out of a TV show."

The state-of-the-art campus features modern furnishings, lots of windows for natural lighting, and a cafeteria that seats 840 students.

Principal Diann Kearney said the media center is the hub of the campus.

"(It's) just an amazing area for them to access books, printed media, and to access technology that we have available for them," said Kearney.

Students ABC11 spoke with said they love the technology, especially the high-speed internet they can use for learning purposes.

"Internet is one of those things where it's only a pain when it's slow," said senior Dawson Duguid. "You don't have to think about it when it's fast."

The auditorium seats 850 students, while the old one only sat about 240 students. It will be used for some assemblies, plays, and special events.

And the stadium will seat 2,500 Cougar fans.

The new campus cost $83 million and was paid for by bond money. It is one of six new schools being built this year in the Wake County Public School System.

Apex High School is being demolished and will be renovated. Officials estimate students will be able to move back in two years.

"Just in the first three days, we've already seen how people are getting used to such a big change and how they're really enjoying it," said Duguid. "We do miss the old school and everybody is very emotional about that."

After renovations for the new Apex school are complete, the current campus will then become home to Green Level High students. For now, the Cougars will continue to enjoy it.

"We are celebrating being together in this amazing facility," said Kearney.

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