911 calls shed some light onto Fuquay-Varina deaths

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The 911 calls made after the gruesome discovery of two men found dead in a home in Fuquay-Varina have been released.

The 911 calls made after the gruesome discovery of two men found dead in a home in Fuquay-Varina have been released.

In the calls, you hear the family describing the upsetting scene soon after finding 78-year-old Arthur Brown and 66-year-old David McKoy. They describe what they believe are gunshot wounds and are trying to piece together what may have happened.

Operator: "Ma'am, did someone actually break into the house and kill him or you just found him dead?"

Caller: "We are not sure but they are bleeding -- two adults"

Several 911 calls were made Saturday from the 200 block of Howard Road. After several attempts to try to reach the men inside, family members finally found Brown dead in his bedroom with a wound to his back.

Caller: "It looks like he's bleeding. It looks like he's dead. He ain't moving."

In the next room, they found Brown's longtime friend and employee, David McKoy. They described a similar wound on his head.

Caller: "We think both of them are shot."

Wake County Sheriff investigators are not confirming that anyone was shot. They've only said that it looks like someone forced their way in, but two of the 911 calls made to the home seem to contradict that detail.

Caller: "They broke into the back door."

Operator: "OK."

Caller: "And kicked the door in."

Operator: "Was the door broke in?"

Caller: "No, it was locked. The doors were locked, um the aunt that lives across the street she pried in the screen door."

The 911 operator then asked if anyone heard anything out of the ordinary, like gunshots. One of the callers could only recall what they describe as a disturbance.

Caller: "My husband said that last night that he went to take out the dogs about 4:30 or 5 o'clock. He heard some disturbance across the street with their dogs and so he brought out his dogs and walked around, but he didn't see anything, but thought he saw lights."

The family also told the operator that a car missing from the home ended up somewhere else. On Sunday, relatives described that spot as a repair shop. When pressed for what shop it was, investigators would only say they could not comment on an ongoing investigation.

Brown operates his 30-plus year cement business from his home. Family members tell ABC11 that just days before Brown was found dead, he and McKoy complained that some of their work trucks had been broken into, as well as security cameras disconnected.

There's no word yet if anything is missing from the home or even about a possible suspect.

Monday night, investigators were back at the home towing away what looked like more than one work truck.

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