Activist group Indivisible takes aim at Obamacare repeal bill

The liberal activist group Indivisible, a primary force behind the big anti-Donald Trump marches this spring and those raucous town halls in the summer, is running at full steam to stop the Graham-Cassidy bill, the latest GOP effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Operating out of a startup space in Washington, D.C., Indivisible's leadership team is calling for a national day of action on Monday, Sept. 25, just as the Republican-controlled Congress returns for a make-or-break effort to deliver on the GOP's promises to repeal and replace Obamacare.

"We're activating our entire network right now to push back against the Graham-Cassidy bill," said Leah Greenberg, a former congressional staffer who launched Indivisible last November to resist the Trump agenda. "That means everything from in-person events all around the country, showing up at Senate offices, showing up at rallies, showing up in person and meeting with as many senators as possible to let them know the depths of the opposition to this bill."

Both sides are running against the clock. Republicans need to get the bill passed before Sept. 30, when a procedural exemption will expire that allows some Senate bills to proceed with a simple majority and not the usual 60-vote minimum. Indivisible and the Democrats are trying to build a wall of public opposition before wavering Republicans are persuaded to get behind the bill.

Indivisible got a boost Wednesday morning when former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton retweeted to her 18 million followers the group's online campaign, called Kill the Bill.
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