Wendell church says contractor didn't do work

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Church leaders say man took their money, but has never put down the flooring he was contracted to do

The Lee's Crossroad Missionary Baptist Church just wanted to update their look inside their church. They thought they found the company for the job when they hired Ralph's Carpet Service out of Garner.

"He was going to lay hardwoods, from here all the way to the pulpit," said Deacon Roy Bryant.

All of the red carpet was going to come up, and Bryant said the owner, Carlos Shaw, said he would put hardwoods down.

Deacon Roy Bryant

"We picked this type of flooring and gave him a sample," Deacon Bryant added.

In July of 2016, the church signed a contract with Shaw for $12,233. Deacon Bryant says Shaw quickly asked for a deposit of $7,027.

"He wanted to know if we could supply him the money to order the products," Bryant recalled.

The church gave Shaw $7,027 to buy the materials and waited for the job to get started.

Deacon Roy Bryant

"The pastor called him and asked him about the materials, and he said they had been ordered and it was back ordered," Deacon Bryant said.
A few months later, there was still no sign of Shaw.

Deacon Roy Bryant

"The pastor started calling and he started to not answer the phone and at that point we began to know that probably something was going on," Deacon Bryant said. "We're a small church and I mean let's face it, it would hurt anybody $7000 is a lot of money, so we're hoping we can get that money back."

I got in touch with Shaw and he said he got tied up on other jobs, but he would get the church's job taken care of. I waited two months but still no work, and no sign at Shaw. I got in touch with Shaw again and once again he said he's in the wrong, but would make sure he would take care of the church.

He did call Deacon Bryant and try and set up a payment plan to refund the money, but Deacon Bryant says Shaw has had plenty of time to make this right, and the church needs their $7,000 to get someone else to do the job.

This case is headed to small claims court on March 8. We will keep you updated as to what happens.

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