Court says home not too modern for Oakwood neighborhood

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Is this Raleigh home too modern for the area?

The Oakwood modern house is now "home-free."

The state court of appeals ruled Tuesday that the home at the center of a bitter battle between neighbors can stay in Raleigh's Oakwood neighborhood.

Some thought the home would take away from the history of Oakwood. But after a two-year battle that made national news, the home is now very much part of this neighborhood's story.

And here to stay.

"This definitely feels like a weight has been lifted," said Marsha Gordon, one of the home's owners.

It's the home that pit neighbor against neighbor in what many describe as a very neighborly part of Raleigh.

This "modern" home going up here on Euclid Street sparked a lengthy, costly and very public legal battle.

But in this final ruling from the court of appeals, the fight is finished.

"We're just so happy and relieved not to be in this fight anymore," Gordon said.

Gordon's husband, Louis Cherry, echoed that sentiment.

"We feel great," Cherry said. "I mean, it's been a long time coming."

Cherry and Gordon designed this as their dream home -- in their ideal neighborhood.

They went through the proper channels. And the design was approved. But some neighbors, including the one right across the street thought the house didn't fit with Oakwood's historic vibe.

The years-long fight between neighbors has ended with now two judges siding with the modern homeowners.

And when asked if there can one day be friendship from across the street, Cherry just had this to say:

"We're really focused on kind of living our lives and being with friends and people that are supportive."

ABC11 was not able to reach that other neighbor for comment, but another neighbor equated the fight to a family feud, saying that just like a family spat, they will all get past this.

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