Family wants answers after loved one shot, killed by authorities

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A local family is angry and speaking out after an deputy-involved shooting over the weekend.

A local family is angry and speaking out after a fatal deputy-involved shooting.

A deputy with the Hoke County Sheriff's office shot and killed Sandy McCall early Saturday morning after an altercation.

"This has been very devastating. This was my only brother," said Candice McCall. "He was not a violent man at all."

Candice McCall and her family can't find the words to describe their hurt and anger. They just want answers about how 33-year-old Sandy McCall died Saturday.

"What happened? Why was he stopped," Candice asked. "If he was trying to run, if he and you did have a scuffle, why didn't you just taze him? Why did he have to be shot?"

The sheriff's department says McCall was shot along a stretch of Rockfish Road near U.S. Business Highway 401 early Saturday morning.

According to a sheriff's department statement, "The sheriff's office was investigating a reported suspicious person in the area. During that investigation, an altercation occurred between the suspect, Sandy McCall, and Deputy Samuel Morant. The suspect was shot and has died from his injury."

McCall's family and friends say they can't get anyone to answer their questions.

"We called down to the sheriff's office, and tried to get answers," said family friend Mytaza McPhaul. "They just said 'sit here and wait for the
sheriff to get there.' Two officers came and were leaving us blind with no answers."

Family and friends are in agony, and desperate for the truth.

"I have heard that my brother and the officer that killed him had altercations before," said Candice. "So they knew each other. What basically we need are some answers."

Morant, who is an eight-year veteran of the force, was not hurt. He is on administrative duty while the SBI investigates the incident, which is standard procedure every time there is an officer involved shooting.

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