'Justice for Mike Brown' campaign hits Raleigh

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The turmoil in Ferguson continues to fuel a nationwide debate over several issues, including use of force by authorities, and Sunday that debate happened here in the Triangle. About 70 people marched through downtown Raleigh to draw attention to what they call the violation of human rights happening in Missouri.

The demonstration started at the Wake County Courthouse and ended at the Justice Building. Unlike some of the riots and violent protests in Ferguson, this was a peaceful protest with a clear message.

"Some people feel like if it's not happening here, it's not our issue. But I feel the complete opposite," said organizer Angel Currie.

The "Justice for Mike Brown" campaign hit the Capital City attracting dozens of protesters. It comes a week after unarmed teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer.

"We shouldn't as American citizens, who have constitutional rights, should not be targeted by the law enforcement in our country," said Currie.

The rally is a grassroots effort. It started with one tweet a few days ago igniting an overwhelming amount of support on social media.

"People are already lining up. It's really amazing. A simple tweet really sparked all of this happening," said organizer Dequan Bradley.

"Since Thursday, we've been organizing this rally. We were total strangers until last night," said organizer Hardy Copeland. "So I just think it's amazing that young people can get together and organize something of this caliber."

Organizers hope the rally not only raises awareness on issues but also creates momentum.

"People walk away inspired, empowered, and being able to take initiative and be proactive," said Copeland.

"We can't make this is a one-time thing. It has to be a movement, instead of a moment," said Currie.

Organizers are looking to form an organization. They tell ABC11 they plan to hold other events in the future, but there's nothing set in stone yet.

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