Raleigh teen grateful he's alive after road rage shooting at Taco Bell

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A teenager says he's lucky to be alive after a road-raged driver fired a shot into his car, injuring his leg.

Raleigh police are investigating a violent road rage incident that ended with bullets flying at a Raleigh Taco Bell, leaving one person shot.

It happened around 2 a.m. when the incident came to a head at the Taco Bell on Western Boulevard.

The victim's injuries were not life-threatening.

Now, the 19-year-old victim is warning drivers not to make the same mistake he did.

The young man, who spoke exclusively with ABC11, did not want to reveal his name because police are still searching for a suspect.

Although the man was shot in the ankle, he said he's grateful that the situation wasn't worse.

"Could have easily went anywhere," he said." So, I'm grateful that it only hit my foot. It still hurts. It's still bad that I got shot, but it could have been worse!"

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The teen showed ABC11 where the shot hit the bottom of his driver's door saying, "I'm glad it's not higher because if it was at the window it could've been my head."

The 19-year-old said after getting off work late he changed clothes and then headed out to pick up his girlfriend from her job at Taco Bell.

He said while he was on his way, another driver cut him off.

"I got back in front of him so I could make my turn and kind of sped in front of him," he said.

But when the victim turned on Clanton Street the other driver was right behind him.

"He chased me around the area three or four times. So, whenever I came back around I thought I lost him. But I didn't lose him. He stayed in the same area but he just backtracked. So, when I was coming up the road he was coming down the road and he shot. It was just a loud bang. I felt my leg dangle like I had no feeling in my foot."

Police are hoping to find the shooter even though the victim doesn't have a good description or a license plate number.

In the meantime, the victim said anyone in a confrontation on the road should assume the other driver has a gun.

"It's not even worth it. I could have lost my life. So, it's not even worth it."

Anyone with information is asked to call Raleigh CrimeStoppers at (919) 834-4357.
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