Emaciated dog finds happy home in Moore County

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An emaciated dog named Duncan was rescued in Moore County (WTVD)

An Animal Service worker in Moore County has given the idea of "bringing your work home with you" a new meaning.

Duncan, a black lab, was so malnourished that animal services technician Elizabeth Doherty could wrap her hands around his rib cage. Duncan weighed just 44 pounds, nearly half of the average weight for his breed.

He spent two days at the Whispering Pine Animals Hospital where he underwent treatment for heartworms and Lyme disease.

Now, he's happy and healthy thanks to Doherty. She said she fell in love with him from the moment he was rushed to the Moore County Animal Services Center. Duncan needed a second chance at life, so she opened up her heart and her home.

"I can't understand how someone could do this," said Doherty. "Both of my kids are off in school so they're off in college so he gave me something to mother."

The Moore County Sheriff's Office just took over the Animal Services Department. They say Duncan's success story has now set the standard.

"It's a prime example of the quality of employees both men and women employed under our sheriff," said Lt. Forrest Kirk.

For that, Duncan the dog is grateful.

"He sat down and he looked at me and put his paw on my leg. He sat there and looked at me," Doherty shared. "I cried because I felt like he was telling me, 'thank you.'"

The Moore County Animal Shelter is 100 percent donation dependent. Click here to learn more or donate.

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