Dogwood art project blossoms in downtown Fayetteville

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Local artists are putting a creative touch on something pretty cool in downtown Fayetteville.

Some local artists are showing off really unique artwork that's turned downtown Fayetteville into a huge outdoor art gallery.

Fifteen sculptures of colorful dogwood blooms now dot the landscape.

They were all designed by local artists like Lee Warren who says his exhibit reflects the community's cultural diversity. He says he put a lot of heart and soul in to his work.

"You have to work on it in the morning," said Warren. "I would go home during lunch, and I would work on it, then in the afternoon, I would work on it some more."

Mariano Santillian also put a lot of thought and work into his project. It's coated in newspaper and glows at night.

"You see it as a unified piece," said Santillian. "Look closer and you see it's made of newspaper, and then come back at night, and it lights up and looks completely different.."

The city hopes the public art displays bring more spectators to explore downtown.

"We hope you will find things that fascinate you -- the Transportation Museum, Festival Park, and Vets Parks, and explore where you live," said Fayetteville Development Manager Jami McLaughlin.

Each display has a QR code on it to tell you who the artist is, and their theme and other information.

"I love it. Anything that brings the community color, and creativity to town is great," said Raleigh artist Dan Nelson.

"I think they are beautiful. It's a nice touch," said resident Starla Mazza. "I think they should leave them down here permanently."

The art work will remain on display until October when they'll be sold to the highest bidders

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