Hottest Temps of the Year

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The hottest weather of the summer so far will be with us through the weekend.

The heat will be on again today with temperatures approaching 100 degrees.

The heat along with high humidity will not only tax our air conditioners but also humans and pets alike. The high heat is especially dangerous to the young and elderly who cannot adjust their body temperatures as easily as others. In addition, pets can greatly suffer as well if they are not given proper shade (or better yet left inside) and plenty of fresh water. Today will have sunshine, but an isolated thunderstorm or two will pop up this afternoon and diminish this evening. Some clouds will mix with the sun on Sunday, and again, there will be a couple of isolated thunderstorms popping up with temperatures up near 100.

We'll simmer one more time Monday, but with higher coverage of afternoon thunderstorms as a front moves in. The front will be in the area Tuesday; finally bringing heat relief and a shower or thunderstorm. There's a chance the front could get just far enough south and east Wednesday for a rain-free day with some sunshine along with more tolerable temperatures and humidity.

Have a great weekend and stay cool!

Steve Stewart

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