Travel back to your childhood with a look at popular toys from the past 100 years

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Whether you grew up playing with Barbie dolls and Etch A Sketches or still have a vast collection of Beanie Babies lying around at home, reminiscing about our favorite toys always brings out the kid in us.

Mode took a nostalgic look at the playthings of the past, picking out the most iconic toys of each decade from the 1910s to present day. The video gives a fun and unique glimpse into how children's toys have evolved over the past century, and how some toys have truly remained timeless.

Dolls have proven to be a popular toy choice throughout decades, starting with baby dolls in the 1910s to the rise of Barbie in the 1960s and Cabbage Patch Kids in the 1980s. Plush toys have also remained popular, with the cute Paddington Bear in the 1970s and the colorful Care Bears of the 1980s. It wasn't until the 1990s, though, where we saw plush toys fever pitch, with Tickle Me Elmos and Tellie Tubbies dominating toy store shelves.

The video also showed the evolution of fun electronic gadgets over time, including a remote-controlled robot in the 1950s to a classic 1990s GameBoy and the hoverboards seen rolling around today. But some toys truly are timeless in their original form, with the 1970s Etch A Sketch and 1980s Rubik's Cube still being sold in stores today.