Lumbee Tribe marks Indigenous Peoples' Day with push for federal recognition

Monday was Indigenous Peoples' Day and the Lumbee Tribe is marking it with a fresh push for federal recognition.

The day recognizes native populations displaced and decimated after Christopher Columbus and other European explorers reached North America.

Gov. Cooper proclaimed Oct. 11 Indigenous Peoples' Day in North Carolina.

ABC11 spoke to Danielle McLean with the Lumbee Tribe in Robeson County, who says the day is a great step forward, but there is still a long way to go.

"When it matters our people come together...we are very sure of who we are and what we have been through, and what communities make up the Lumbee people," said McLean. "And I think that is so important to who we are and as long as that is a fact we will keep fighting for everyone else to catch up and we will pass on the stories to our family and friends so the Lumbee aren't forgotten."

Tribal members like Danielle say proclamations from President Biden and Governor Cooper are a "positive sign" for the Lumbee people.
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