'Hello' from Cary High; student recreates Adele's hit

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- As exam week approaches for Wake County, a Cary High School student has a unique approach to managing stress.

Lauren Muir, 15, sang out her frustrations to the tune of Adele's hit song "Hello," along with all the anxiety that comes with the annual tests.

"When you think about how miserable it is, you kind of exaggerate it in your mind," said Muir.

The sophomore got the idea for the parody, called 'Hello From Cary High,' for an upcoming school talent show.

"The song came on the radio, and I was just singing along, my mom was like what if you did a parody of it?" she said.

Muir's mom helped with hair and makeup while her dad assisted in writing shooting and editing the final piece. The video was posted on YouTube earlier this week and already has more than 1,000 views.

Lauren Muir behind the scenes

"Right away people would start commenting on my pictures like 'This is so good! I can relate to this! This is amazing!' It makes me feel like I'm not the only one who hates exams," Muir laughed. "People can relate to it, and I think that's why it's been so popular."

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