Group: HB2 is bad for women

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- While much of the focus of House Bill 2 has been on what bathrooms transgender people can use, a coalition of groups said Monday the controversial is bad for women.

Members of Turnout NC point out there is much more to the law.

"HB2 does so many other harms, particularly for employment discrimination and minimum wage, and women are most directly impacted by that" offered Crystal Richardson of Turnout NC - which includes members of Equality North Carolina, Action NC, and Planned Parenthood.

Under HB2, local governments are prohibited from raising the minimum wage. The law also prevents people from suing for discrimination in state courts.

Turnout NC representatives say that's unfair given that women in North Carolina earn much less than men.

A study by the National Women's Law Center says women in the state make $.85 for every dollar paid to men. That's higher than the national average of $.79.

"It's expensive and very timely to sue in federal court if you're discriminated upon and to take away that right to sue in state court is also very problematic for women," said Richardson.

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