Triangle homeowners hit with driveway paving pitch

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Ronald Emerson

A man comes up to you at your home and says he can doing some paving work for cheap -- it's a quick job for a good price. Watch out though, as it may be a deal you want to stay away from. Several Triangle homeowners are learning that lesson the hard way.

Ronald Beck was at his home mowing his lawn when he says Ronald Emerson showed up offering to pave his driveway. Beck says Emerson told him he had asphalt left over from a job and offered to pave the driveway for $1.80 per square foot. Beck says Emerson told him he usually charges $2.25, but could give him a deal.

Beck says he told him he wasn't interested, but Emerson kept going with the deal as Beck says Emerson told him for $400 he could pave the driveway apron and under the carport.

Beck said he'd think about it and went to lunch. When Beck returned home, he said Emerson was already doing the job. Beck said he didn't stop him, since he thought $400 was reasonable for the coverage.

When the job was done, he got the sticker shock. "He says it's $2600. I said, 'Wait a minute, the last figure we talked about was $400,'" said Beck. He says they argued back and forth for a while, but was forced to pay Emerson the $2600.

Beck was upset and started researching and found my story from May of 2015. Holly Springs homeowner, Natilee Hinton Brooks says Emerson told her he had left over asphalt from a job, and could do her driveway for a great price.

Shortly after he did the job, Hinton Brooks say the problems, "This just looks like black dirt with rocks in it. The grass is going through it."

Hinton Brooks said Emerson promised her $1,000 refund, but a year later that never happened. I also found the Emerson is facing a charge of obtaining property under false pretenses in Randolph County related to a paving job.

As for Beck, after he realized he overpaid for the job, had this advice, "They have their way of keeping you confused, and out of your element the whole time even though you're standing in your own yard." He adds, "Don't believe people when they walk up and tell you, 'I've got this good deal for you.'" Beck says he reached out to Emerson and he promised to refund Beck $1600, but so far no money yet. Emerson did not return my calls.

The best advice is to be skeptical of anyone who comes to your door and offers to do work. Research the company thoroughly, and also get several estimates in writing. Plus, in North Carolina you do have a three day right to cancel for any job that has to do with home solicitations.

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