California police arrest 18-year-old after body of newborn found in trash

CLOVIS, California -- In a California neighborhood, power washers have done their best to remove all traces of blood.

Police believe 18-year-old Angelena Hamilton killed her newborn daughter and dumped her body in a garbage can.

They said Hamilton did not tell anyone she was pregnant, harboring the secret, even from her own family.

For mothers like Cheri Krueger, no amount of cleaning can wash away the horror.

"We noticed their gate open, and there was a gentleman and all the cement was wet and he was there scrubbing, it was then that I knew that baby was in the garbage can in that person's backyard," said neighbor Cheri Krueger.

Detectives said the mother's mental state is a mystery. They do not know why she chose to deliver the child alone.

They said after getting rid of the body, she carried on with class at Clovis Community College like nothing happened.

"It's devastating a newly born baby's life was lost, and an 18-year-old made the decision to do this, people need to know that there are options out there," said Clovis Police Chief Matt Basgall.

Police said the baby was alive at the time of birth. An autopsy has been scheduled to find out how she died.
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