Two weeks after Raleigh apartment fire, roommates starting over

RALEIGH, N,C, (WTVD) -- Nathan Fleming, 25, and his roommate, Shaquille McMillian, 24, come home to an empty apartment. There are no beds, no couches, and no dishes.

"This is our cabinet," Fleming said, pointing inside his cabinet. "Everything is plastic in here. Not the end of the world, but you get the picture."

Their unit burned down just more than two weeks ago in a fire at the Enclave at Crossroads Apartments in Raleigh. This week, they moved into a new unit at the same complex after spending almost two weeks in a hotel.

ABC11 first met Fleming after the Feb. 13 blaze, while he was watching over his neighbor's dog.

"It was just a little bit of fire on this porch, but then as it came further in, we saw it spread all the way down here," Fleming said the day of the fire. "This is my building right here. The third floor -- it looks like the whole thing is gone."

Fleming and McMillian lost everything, except the clothes they were wearing.

"Everything I have on right now is donated," Fleming said, pointing to his sweatpants and sweater.

"Trying to deal with it lately has been kind of tough," McMillian said. "I've never really been through something so traumatic like dealing with a fire."

"Everything I've ever earned and won was in that house," Fleming said. "Clothes, shoes, everything."

Fleming, a Peace University graduate, has renters' insurance. He's getting the maximum $12,000 his policy covers. But he showed ABC11 his claim, listing the $83,000 worth of items they lost in the fire.

Here are some tips to make sure you're fully covered by your renters' insurance in case of an emergency:

Ask questions

  • Check your coverage limits
  • Ask what the policy covers
  • Take inventory of items

Fleming has other advice to add:

"Get every single logistics of your policy," he said. "Don't just sign anything. Make sure you're covered 100 percent in what you want to be covered. Don't take the bare minimum."

Management said they've moved everyone into new units within the complex. They also said they've given donations to those affected.
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