Millions of flu vaccines uniquely made in Holly Springs

HOLLY SPRINGS (WTVD) -- Flu season begins in October and at the Holly Springs site of Seqirus - a global leader in the prevention of influenza - their work is already done.

Over the last six months, researchers developed 21 million doses of flu vaccines which are now being distributed to hospitals, doctors' offices, pharmacies, and government agencies.

Dr. John Anderson, VP of Operations and site head at Holly Springs, said families should plan to get vaccinated before the end of October.

"I would really encourage everyone to get vaccinated because if the southern hemisphere winter is any predictor of the northern hemisphere, we could expect a very severe flu season this coming year," said Anderson.

At Seqirus, the vaccines are developed using a unique method. While most flu viruses are grown in eggs where they're captured, purified, and turned into a vaccine, Seqirus' vaccine is different, using a mammalian cell-based technology instead.

"The fact that they're not made in eggs means you don't have to worry about egg protein allergies," said Anderson. "Also, it's a faster method of production so we can make more vaccines more quickly."

And fast production is imperative since Seqirus is tasked with protecting Americans from a potentially deadly influenza pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone six months and older get a flu shot every year.
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