3 people in masks shoot, injure 2 men during Durham home invasion, police say

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Two people were injured in a Durham home invasion Wednesday night, according to Durham Police Department.

The incident happened along White Pine Drive off of NC Highway 751 near Duke campus around 9 p.m.

One of the victims, who ABC11 is not identifying for his safety, said he was watching a movie with his friend in his second-story apartment when they heard a knock on the door.

The victim said they heard a deep voice saying it was the cable company, but didn't see anyone through the peephole. They assumed the knock was a joke and opened the door.

The victim said three masked people they didn't know tried to force their way into the apartment.

"I see a guy in a green mask, like green plastic mask, and he shoves a gun in my face," the victim said. "As soon as he did that, I kind of grabbed his fist and twisted the gun that way."

The victim said during the struggle, he was shot in the leg, but his friend was able to shove the three people out and close the door, but a muddy shoe print on the ground shows where the gunman kicked the door back open and shot the victim's friend in the stomach.

The victim's friend is still in the Intensive Care Unit and his condition is unknown.

The victim said the intruders never said a word and the whole struggle only lasted about 20 seconds.

"I was thinking, why the hell are these guys here?" the victim said.

The victim, a part-time musician, thought the intruders may have been after his equipment.

"Maybe they saw me with a microphone or something like that, or an amplifier, or stereo speakers," the victim said.

He added that he is moving his valuables out of his apartment, and hopes to move soon.

No one has been charged in the shooting.

"I'm worried about my friend right now, really," the victim said.

Durham Police Department is asking anyone with information to call CrimeStoppers at (919)683-1200.
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