The Chocolate Whopper, Smartshoephone and other fun (fake) products introduced for April Fool's Day

It's April Fool's Day, and you know what that means: companies are pulling out all the stops to make their most outrageous ideas a reality, at least on social media. Here's a look at some of this year's cool (yet fake) April Fool's Day product announcements:

Burger King's Chocolate Whopper

This isn't your traditional hamburger! Burger King's Chocolate Whopper includes a chocolate cake bun, a flame-grilled chocolate patty, raspberry syrup, white chocolate rings (a la onions), candied blood oranges that look just like tomato slices, milk chocolate ribbons and vanilla frosting.

T-Mobile's Sidekick Smartshoephone

"From your favorite flip phone to the world's first foot phone," the ad beckons. The Smartshoephone is a shoe with a built-in smartphone, a companion to carrier's wildly popular Sidekick from the mid-2000s.

Slip your SIM card into the sole of the shoe and pull the earbuds at the end of the laces up to your ears, and you're ready to go! There's also no selfie stick required -- just lift your foot to take a selfie with the camera mounted on the tip of the shoe. The phone even comes with a foul-mouthed take on Siri voiced by T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

Auntie Anne's "House of A" Heavenly Scent Essential Pretzel Oils

If you've ever walked past an Auntie Annie's restaurant, you'll instantly recognize the tantalizing smell of buttery pretzels. Now, the mall staple is bottling up that scent and peddling it as part of an essential oil line. Auntie Anne's "House of A" Heavenly Scent Essential Pretzel Oils comes in three irresistible scents: Freshly Baked, Salty, and Cinnamon Twist.

Tongueprinting by Pindrop

Gone are the days of scanning your fingerprint to open your iPhone or remembering a complicated password that changes every 90 days. Information security company Pindrop is introducing technology that lets users unlock their phone with a simple lick up and down the screen.

Lululemon Om

The luxury yoga clothier's Om personal mindfulness assistant is billed as a spiritual connector and emotional rock that will help elevate your spiritual practice. When you ask Om for a reminder about your next meeting, it will automatically determine if you're feeling stressed and cancel your upcoming appointments to keep you grounded.

In addition to being an emotional rock, it's also an actual rock with the lululemon logo emblazoned on the side.

White Castle's whey protein

Looking to up your protein? White Castle has introduced a whey protein powder that is packed with protein -- the same amount that you'd find in 27 of the restaurant's sliders, in fact. All you have to do to get swole is eat, whey and slay, the ad teases.

Chegg's Osmosis Pillow

We all remember long nights in college spent cramming to study before a big exam. With textbook rental company Chegg's new Osmosis Pillow, you don't have to sacrifice a full night's sleep to master everything in your textbook. Simply place your textbook beneath the pillow, and everything you need to know will be absorbed into your brain as you sleep!

Honorable mention: Peeps' new creative director

Two of the most iconic bunnies are teaming up: Peeps and the Energizer Bunny! Peeps has announced that the Energizer Bunny is bringing his signature black sunglasses to the sweet side for a stint serving as the candy company's new celebrity creative director.

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