Right on the hose! Fayetteville firefighter's surprise proposal

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- Fayetteville firefighters answered the call to help one of their own make a memorable wedding proposal to his unsuspecting girlfriend Friday.

Firefighter Ashton Hanway popped the question to Lauren Wood after fellow firefighters pretended to respond to an alarm.

Hanway and Wood were on top of a fire engine when another truck pulled away from Fayetteville Fire Department Station No. 17 to reveal a hose creatively configured to spell out "Will You Marry Me."

Firefighter James Murphy caught the whole thing on video.

"I pretended like I was working on something," Murphy explained. "I had the phone duct-taped to the wall."

Murphy said they set it up to help Ashton out, setting up the hose under the truck to spell out the magic question.

"We had a diversion set up," Murphy said. "The test alarm went off. Guys acted like they were going to the call, so when they pulled out, she saw it."

How did he get Lauren up on the truck?

Ashton had some old photos and he wanted to get some new ones, Murphy explained. The captain told her to get on top of the truck, and Lauren thought she was up there to take pictures.

The ruse worked perfectly.

She said yes.
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