Viral 'quad squad' mom gives birth to quadruplets

Sunday brought good news -- times four -- for a mom who went viral after getting pregnant with quadruplets after eight years of unsuccessfully trying to have children.

Ashley and Tyson Gardner's story went viral in October, when the couple posted a video describing their pregnancy journey. After trying many methods of getting pregnant, the couple turned to in-vitro fertilization, which finally worked.

The couple welcomed the babies -- all girls -- on Sunday. The girls are named Indie, Esme, Scarlett and Evangeline.

The family quickly shared the news on Facebook with more than 280,000 followers.

Ashley's sister Whitney wrote,
    "All 4 babies are doing GREAT! Indie is the smallest baby just under 2 lbs the rest are over 2 lbs Mama is doing great and Dad is over joyed! Special thanks to Dr Minton and the rest of the staff for taking fabulous care of our family!!"

The family also updated to say that Ashley was doing well after the C-section birth.

"The decision to deliver the quads was made after doctors discovered that Ashley had ruptured some membranes and her contractions continued to progress in intensity," the family said in a press release emailed to ABC. "The girls arrived 12 weeks early, but the delivery went smoothly for both mother and babies."

In a natural birth, the chances of having two sets of identical twins from different placentas are about one in 70 million, said Dr. Alan Penzias of Harvard Medical School. The Gardners say that other doctors have estimated their birth to be about one in a million.

The couple has been ecstatically keeping the community that was built to support them up-to-date, saying they are blessed no matter how rare the birth was:

"1 in a million or 1 in 70 million," they wrote, "we think our babies are heaven sent!"
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