Troubleshooter warns of election season scam

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson is warning voters of a scam happening this election season.

The Federal Trade Commission said scammers are posing as political volunteers and encouraging people to vote for a particular candidate.

Scammers will typically contact you by phone asking you to register to vote or cast a ballot while on the line. In order to do this, they need your social security number.

But don't fall for this, because it is illegal to register to vote over the phone. The voter registration deadline is also over for anyone not participating in early one-stop voting.

In reality, scammers are just trying to get your social security number and steal your identity.

Remember, there are only two methods of voting: in person or by absentee ballot.

Anyone who says you can vote by calling, emailing or texting is attempting to steal your personal information.
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