Must-See Videos: Robber forces victim into trunk


A frightening ATM robbery and abduction was caught on a surveillance camera in Arlington, Texas.

In the video, you see the woman pull up to the cash machine. Moments later, you see the suspect walk up behind her car. He circles around the back of the ATM and then surprises the woman.

He orders her out of the car at gunpoint, walks her to the back of the car, and orders her to climb into the trunk.

As he gets into the woman's car, the robber looks directly at the surveillance camera and police now hope the crystal-clear image of him will lead to his arrest.

The victim was able to get out of her car, unharmed, after the suspect parked the car and walked away.


A man trying to help a motorist stranded on the truck of his car was nearly swept away in the strong current during a rescue in Australia Friday morning.

Despite the difficulty, he was able to hook a rescue harness to the man and they both made it to safety.

Heavy rain caused flash flooding in several parts of Queenland.


Video from Portugal appears to show a frog's doom. The animal is struggling in the grip of a big snake.

But just when it appears he's about to be lunch, the frog someone manages to save himself. The snake tries to snag him again, but the frog hops a safe distance away.


And a touching moment was caught on camera in Toronto, Canada. In the video, you watch as a legally blind woman sees her newborn son for the first time.

Special glasses called eSight allowed her to see for the first time in years.

The new mom says the glasses will allow her to not only see her son and husband, but to also read bedtime stories to her baby.

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