Planters Nutmobile stops in Raleigh

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Did you see a "nutty" vehicle on the roads in Raleigh today?

The Planters Nutmobile spent time in the City of Oaks visiting fire departments and greeting fans.

According to Pecan Paige, a Peanutter for the company, the vehicle is 421 peanuts or 26 feet long.

It weighs 3 millions peanuts or 13,000 pounds.

"We're actually are a east to west nut cracking fest, touring across the country taking Mr. Peanut to see his fans," Pecan Paige said.

Three of the Nutmobiles travel the country. Thousands of applicants apply to be Peanutters but only nine make the cut.

"We get a lot of people filming," Pecan Paige said of the onlookers who snap photos and wave as the Nutmobile passes.

If you're wondering how well the mobile does on gas mileage, "we like to say we get 100 smiles per gallon!"

On Monday, the Nutmobile will head south on 95 to Savannah, Georgia.
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