NCDOT spent more than $1M on Triangle trash pickup in 2018, officials say

DURHAM (WTVD) -- Jessica Hulick's home sits near the county and city line of Durham.

Nearly every day, she gets to partake in picking up garbage like broken bottles and empty fast food bags.

"It would just never occur to me to throw something out of my car," Hulick said.

North Carolina highways are filled with litter, and it's becoming expensive for the state to clean up.

According to the NCDOT, since July 2018, the Department of Transportation spent $1.4 million on trash pickup in the Triangle alone.

The DOT does have an upcoming event, The North Carolina Litter Sweep, in which they need volunteers.

The task? Picking up roadside trash.

"We definitely need the public's help," said Sean Williams with the NCDOT.

Those who aren't able to volunteer, but still are hoping to have a roadway near them cleaned, can fill out an online form on NCDOT's website.
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