NC bill: Landlords will have to fix mold issues if they're health hazard

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A new proposed North Carolina bill could help renters who are dealing with mold.

Right now, under current law, landlords only have to fix excessive standing water or flooding problems from plumbing leaks that lead to mold, but a new bill could change that.

House Bill 1012 would protect renters from mold that may result in medical problems that are caused by prolonged exposure.

The proposed bill would even allow local governments to declare a rental unit unfit if there is harmful "fungal growth."

If this bill does pass, tenants will have to notify their landlords about the issue in writing.

If they don't fix it, tenants would then contact the city or county to have testing done to see if the mold is a health issue.

If the test is positive, then they would have the power to force the landlord to make repairs.

Renters also have the option to get out of the lease if the landlord refuses to fix the problem(s).
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