Knightdale baby scores with Patriots-themed photoshoot

KNIGHTDALE, N.C. (WTVD) -- A 1-year-old in Knightdale is making football fans put aside their rivalries to marvel in his cuteness.

Mavrick John Morse was born in October 2018. After he was welcomed into the world, doctors diagnosed him with torticollis -- a rare condition where the neck muscles twist to one side, causing the head to tilt.

His mother, Morgan Morse, said it caused by the way he was laying inside of her womb.

He is going through therapy to help loosen his muscles. He also has to wear a helmet for 23 hours a day for four months.

Recently, Mavrick got a helmet in honor of his future favorite sports team: the Patriots.

"He watched the Super Bowl with us," Morse told ABC11. "My mom and I were screaming and yelling and he was smiling in his swing, watching us jump around in excitement."

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His mother -- who also owns M&M Photography, decided to do a photo shoot with the new helmet.

"We have been taking his picture with the Patriots theme since day one, and for us to get his helmet decal with the Patriots is just gold."

Morse hopes the photos will bring awareness to what torticollis is.

"We are trying to make the public aware that if you don't know why he has it (the helmet) on please stop and ask us so we can educate them," Morse said. "It is nothing that I did or did not do; it is not from putting him to sleep on his back. It is the way he wanted to be inside the womb."

No matter what team football fans are rooting for, they can all agree on one thing: Mavrick is one of the cutest fans ever!
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