Second mom comes forward accusing Knightdale teacher of inappropriately touching daughter

KNIGHTDALE, N.C. (WTVD) -- A second mother has contacted ABC11accusing a Knightdale High School teacher of inappropriately touching her daughter.

The teacher resigned last week but no criminal charges have been filed against him.

"I know he will teach again. And I know he will do it again. And it's going to be someone else's daughter. It's going to be someone else's buttocks. He's a sick individual and he needs to be stopped," the mother who didn't want to be identified to protect her daughter told ABC11.

She says the teacher who resigned was one of her daughter's favorite teachers because he was so kind.

"He became a little bit too kind. Made comments on Snapchat telling her how sexy her abs were, how thick she was, and then it went overboard when he actually cupped her bottom," she said.

Knightdale police say they were notified of the allegations only after the Wake County Public School System had conducted its own investigation and after school officials told parents the teacher would be disciplined.

In the case of the student whose mother brought the issue to the attention of ABC11 last week, Knightdale's police chief says the district attorney's office decided allegations of touching didn't merit criminal charges.

The mother who spoke to ABC11 today says she wouldn't let her daughter talk to school resource officers because of prior trust issues.

She says she requested someone else in the police department speak with her daughter.

But that never happened and she is now renewing the request because she believes the accusation of the teacher touching of her daughter was indeed a crime.

"He actually physically touched her buttocks. He grabbed her buttocks. He cupped her buttocks," she claims.

She and the other mother who spoke to ABC11 last week both say school administrators told them the man would be let go.

"I was told that this teacher was going to be fired."

And when asked how she felt when she saw the ABC11 story in which a spokesperson for the Wake County Public School System said he simply resigned on Wednesday she responded, "I was angry. I was very angry. And I contacted you guys immediately."

She worries a resignation will mean he will keep his teaching certificate.

"A resignation is just him saying, 'Hey, I don't want to work with you guys anymore and I want to go somewhere else.' And he's free to go to any other school, any other city, any other county, any other state and do this to anybody else's children."

She hopes once police hear her daughter's story criminal charges will be filed and the teacher will lose his certificate. ABC11 asked Wake County Public Schools if a teacher who resigns can keep his certificate and teach somewhere else.

But the school system said it doesn't know and referred ABC11 to the state Department of Public Instruction.

DPI didn't immediately return an email request for clarification.
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