25 years after O.J. Simpson Chase, Chopper11HD pilot reflects on wild flight

A quarter-century ago, the indelible O.J. Simpson chase was a "where were you moment" in American history.

Chopper 11 HD pilot Rob Marshall remembers it well.

On June 17, 1994, he was a TV news helicopter pilot in the skies over Los Angeles tracking the chase for KCAL-TV.

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"On every overpass, there are hundreds of people with signs, they're cheering," said Marshall. "Everybody got word that O.J. was on the freeway and everybody just swarmed the freeways. It was nuts, absolutely nuts."

As people across the country were glued to their TVs, watching O.J. Simpson in the back of a white Bronco leading Los Angeles police on a bizarre chase across Southern California, Marshall was concerned about getting the best video angle and flying safely around 10 other TV News helicopters.

"Everything back then was shot out of the left-hand door and hand-held," said Marshall. "A Gyro zoom lens stabilizes everything, but we had to position ourselves so we had the right shot and we stayed in that right same spot position the whole flight.

The two-hour chase is seared in Marshall's memory.

It began after Simpson's lawyers told him he needed to turn himself into the LAPD on murder charges, four days after his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, were killed.

"It was crazy," said Marshall. "A slow-speed chase looking for a white Bronco. It ends up being over O.J. and Al Cowlings. Everybody knows about O.J. He was a superstar, and all of a sudden he's involved in this."

Now 25 years after LA's most famous police chase, Marshall now flies Chopper-11 HD helping ABC11 cover breaking news on the air and online.
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