'Get paid to drive' scam resurfacing in central North Carolina

A scam the Troubleshooter has warned viewers about before is resurfacing across the Triangle.

People claiming to be representatives with well-known companies are making bogus offers for money in exchange for people advertising on their vehicles.

One ABC11 viewer got an offer to make $300 per week from a person who claimed to be with Oral B.

A few days later she received a check for nearly $2,000 and a letter instructing her to cash the check, keep a portion of the money, use some of it to pay for the vehicle wrap and then send the rest back.

The Troubleshooter team reached out to the company and confirmed the letter and check are not actually from Oral B.

Another viewer received multiple text messages from a person claiming they represent Fossil watches. He also received a check for a large amount with instructions to cash it. Instead, he notified police.

Troubleshooter takeaway:

  • If someone sends you a check for more than the amount owed and wants you to send some money back, it's likely a scam.
  • Just because a letter has a real company's name on it, does not mean it is from that company. Reach out to the company directly to make sure an offer is legit.
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