Substitute teacher fired for filming porn in classroom, Texas school officials say

EL CAMPO, Texas -- A Texas substitute teacher has been fired for allegedly filming pornographic material inside a classroom.

El Campo ISD told KTRK that the teacher was let go in connection with an "improper criminal incident" that happened at El Campo High School.

The school official confirmed that the teacher produced porn in a classroom and a workroom in May. The school said no students were involved.

The school district received a tip involving the substitute and informed El Campo police and the Texas Education Agency. The police department said an officer was sent to the school last week in connection with the tip.

As of Tuesday, the female employee's name was not being released, and police are investigating.

Officials said she will not be criminally charged. The police cheif told KTRK that he spoke with the district attorney's office who said there's not enough evidence to move forward with criminal charges.

The chief also said officials were looking into charges of public lewdness but prosecutors said no one saw the teacher and the incident didn't occur in a public place.

The substitute was employed for three months. The school district used the state system to vet the employee.

The school district said it is working with police to ban the woman from stepping foot on campus.

El Campo ISD posted a statement on Facebook regarding the tip involving the substitute:

The District is aware that an improper criminal incident involving a substitute teacher occurred at ECHS. The incident involved a singular substitute teacher and no student or other district staff were involved. The district has terminated the substitute's employment and is seeking legal advice on this specific incident. The district continues to hold the safety and well being of our students and staff as our top priority.

She also lost her job at a liquor store because of the video.
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