Fayetteville NCDOT workers save man's life after he faints while driving

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- It's been weeks since Charles Farmer passed out while driving along Southern Avenue. He later heard that four NCDOT workers saved his life.

On Wednesday night, he reunited with them, greeting the men with a smile and handshake.

"We were meant to be there. God's got a purpose for him. We were just able to be a part of that blessing to keep him here," said NCDOT employee Joe Bailey Jr.

The last thing Farmer remembers is heading back to his office.

"I ran across the yard and around the building to get to the car," said Keith Rivenbark, another NCDOT employee.

"I heard the guys hollering saying there's been a wreck. I stood up and looked and something just didn't feel right about it," said Bailey. " As I approached the vehicle, another coworker said he's not breathing. I thought we had to get him out of the seatbelt and get him on the ground to start CPR."

The four men administered CPR until an ambulance arrived.

Farmer woke up seven days later from a medically induced coma. Doctors told him his blood sugar was too low.

Farmer told ABC11 a nurse had popped her head into his room to say hello.

"She said 'my husband was one of the guys who did CPR on you. I just wanted to see what a miracle looked like.' I told her I have to find him."

Farmer said he learned there aren't just angels in heaven. Some of them live among us on earth.
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