'I call it evil:' Durham students protest against immigration policies

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- On Friday, a few Durham teenagers held a protest, saying they felt propelled to protest after seeing one image taken by the US-Mexico border.

"Countless families and lives have been destroyed and scattered," said Sandra Santillian with the Youth Justice Project.

The soon-to-be high school seniors held a protest in CCB Plaza in downtown Durham and were joining the cries of others who feel the Trump Administration is unleashing barbaric policies at the border and detention centers.

"The American government calls this deterrence. I called it evil. I call it inhuman," said Santillian.

Congressional Democrats this week blasted an immigrant detention center in Florida and called the shelter a "warehouse of children for profit."

On Monday, other lawmakers traveled to the border where they say detained migrants are living in deplorable conditions.

"They're worried about the next time they're going to take a shower or where their next meal is coming from," said organizer Aissa Dearing.

A disturbing picture also surfaced that shows a little girl and father floating in the Rio Grande River. The two drowned after fleeing El Salvador.

"It shocked me still when I saw the images," said protest organizer Elijah King.

President Trump is defending conditions at detention centers and the administration has denied any mistreatment of migrants.

Trump said in a tweet if migrants are unhappy with the conditions, "just tell them not to come. all problems solved!"

"Americans punish these innocents for having the courage to escape violence or poverty, or in most cases both," argued Santillian.
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