Troubleshooter helps Raleigh woman prove she's not dead

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Imagine trying to prove you are not dead when you are alive and well.

That's exactly what Peggy Flagler dealt with for more than a year. It all started when Peggy got a form from the IRS.

"They said I was deceased and me and my husband thought it was a joke," Flagler said. Not only did the IRS recognize Peggy as deceased, but so did the Social Security Administration and the three credit bureaus.

"I'm not dead, and it's really frustrating, and no one can tell me how it happened," she added.

Peggy said the problem started right after she got married in 2017 and changed her name at the Raleigh Social Security Administration.

Shortly after, Peggy says she got the paperwork stating that she is now deceased.

She tried to get it corrected but says it was so time-consuming - as she recently opened a new business, The Man Cave Grooming Bar, in Raleigh and said it became too much trying to get the issue resolved.

"I went everywhere, and nobody could help me," she added.

Peggy got in touch with me and we reached out to the Social Security Administration.

SSA representative Patti Patterson admitted the error on their part and added:

"All of Ms. Flagler's records have been corrected, including records that are available to the IRS and other government agencies for verification. We have been in contact with Ms. Flagler and provided necessary information and assistance. Ms. Flagler's record was erroneously terminated. We are reviewing our systems and procedures to ensure this error does not occur again in the future. Thank You."

Peggy says she couldn't be happier as it's all worked out and the IRS and Social Security Administration no longer have her as deceased.

"I'm alive and well," Flagler said.

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