Must-See Videos: Clerks take down hatchet-wielding robber


Two store clerks in London were a match for a robber armed with a hatchet.

In surveillance video, you see the man go after one store employee who backs away.

But then another clerk moves from behind the register and they team up to take the robber down.

It happened last year, and the robber has just been sentenced to four years in prison.


Dramatic video from Aurora, Colorado shows a car slamming through the front window of a pizza restaurant.

A woman who was just walking by is hit by the car landing on the hood. She jumps right off when the car stops and appears to walk away without injury.

The driver reportedly hit the gas instead of the brakes.

Despite the mess, the pizza shop stayed open.


We have video of an unusual tug-o-war in Washington State.

Owners of Chevy and Ford pickup trucks tried to settle brand rivalry over which vehicle is best.

In this case, there was only one winner, as the 1994 Ford put the Chevy to shame, dragging it through a parking lot.


What's cuter than a baby who can remarkably mimic his mother's voice to say "hello?" One who does it with an accent.

Tap to watch if you're viewing on the news app.

Toni McCann, a drama and voice teacher in Ireland, posted a video of herself talking to her baby boy, Cillian. The baby imitates the noises she makes and sounds like he's talking.

It's the very end of the video, though, that's making it go viral: Many say it sounds exactly like he's saying "hello."

McCann posted the video to Facebook, where it was so popular that her friends requested she put it on YouTube. On Facebook it was reposted by popular pages, where it has gotten millions of views.

Cillian's mom seems happy that her baby's incredible moment is warming hearts around the world. She shared one of the video posts with the comment, "My wee baby is bringing so much joy!"

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