Manhunt continues for 4 suspects in Morrisville shooting

MORRISVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Morrisville police officer suffered a medical emergency while trying to stop shooting suspects Monday evening.

It all began just after 9 p.m. at an apartment complex in the 3000 block of Bristol Creek Drive. The area is next to the Park West Village shopping center.

Police say four people were inside an apartment - a man and his fiance and two guests. The group was expecting more guests, and was not surprised by a knock in the door.

But that's when four armed men wearing ski masks barged in. They punched the woman and shot the boyfriend in the leg he backed towards a balcony. He jumped off the balcony to get away and yelled to neighbors to call 911.

"Well I was watching TV with my windows open and I heard some loud sounds and then I went to the window and I heard someone say that they were shot and to call 911," said a caller.

Prateek Madan lives one floor up from the shooting scene.

"We saw everything from the balcony here," said Madan. "We didn't go down."

The robbers took cash and jewelry before fleeing in a red-colored Dodge Charger.

A witness started following the car and called 911.

Operator: "Why are you chasing people with a gun? Give me the license plate number."
Caller: I'm not chasing them. I'm behind. They can't see me."

Thanks to the caller, two Morrisville police officers were able to pull the Charger over in the area of Chapel Hill Road and Highway 540.

Two suspects in the front seat obeyed commands to put their hands up, but a suspect in the back seat lay down and made a suspicious move. One officer fired his weapon at the car and it sped off.

The officers gave chase again, but one of them suffered a health emergency - possibly heart related - and had to stop.

"The officer gave chase and stopped the vehicle and ordered the suspects out of the car. They did not comply with his order and they fled the scene in the vehicle and the officer returning to his car - we understand - suffered some kind of medical condition," explained Assistant Morrisville Town Manager Tony Chiotakis.

The shooting victim, the assault victim, and the officer were all taken to Duke University Hospital.

A Morrisville spokesperson said the 49-year-old officer had been stabilized and was kept overnight for observation. There was no word on the conditions of the other two.

The apartment management office sent a notice to residents Tuesday morning suggesting the victims may have known the assailants. However, that contradicts what police told us.

"This was a random crime as far we know right now," said Morrisville Police Chief Ira Jones.

The suspects are still at large. Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestopppers at (919) 463-1577.

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