More North Carolina teachers are staying in the state

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- According to a new report, fewer teachers are leaving North Carolina.

The North Carolina State Board of Education released its report on teacher turnover. It found that slightly more than 7,000 of North Carolina's 94,000 public school teachers left last school year. That number fell for the third consecutive year.

The State Board of Education is planning to address the report at its next meeting Feb. 5.

This new report comes as some teachers across the state continue to voice their concerns about a lack of education funding in North Carolina.

The North Carolina Association of Educators circulated a survey asking teachers whether they would consider missing work to fight for education and healthcare funding. The survey also asks educators where they teach and if they would be willing to fight for Medicaid funding.

It's against state law for teachers and other public employees to go on strike.
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